Transcomp   Mastering Quality Optical Compressor

Unlike our first product ESE 2176uln which is based on the well known and respected UREI 1176, Transcomp results from our own research and development and is the only product of this topology on the market.

The audio chain is a break through in analog studio equipment as it is using a proprietary current domain class A circuit without capacitors in circuit and without any form of negative feedback applied.

Naturaly we did not overcome the input and output transformers which we still believe are the only means to perfectly balance and float an input or output. Gain reduction is performed by an optical element driven by a fast led which is used because of two good reasons:

- first, the influence of optical devices regarding distortion in sound is negligible and
- second, we wanted the 'flaws' of it also since optical devices have a delay in response and thus leave the leading edge of the first transient intact. Only this way one can compress a signal without loosing it's attack envelope.

In fact, it is even possible to enhance attacks which is many times desirable because of the loses in the recording chain, or for effect purposes.

The side chain is another achievement to point. It is a feed forward type, the signal for detection is taken from the input. Most important is its unusual type of detection principle which closely emulate our hearing system and is one of the features that makes this compressor stay out of common.


-transformer balanced inputs and outputs with Lundahl transformers
-class A output stage
-separate power supply for each channel
-no capacitors in signal chain
-no negative feedback in audio path
-link function


INPUT: floating, transformer isolated
INPUT IMPEDANCE: 10k, balanced, floating
MAX. INPUT LEVEL: +24dBm (ref. 0.775V rms as 0dB)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 0/-1dB, 10Hz-100.000Hz
OUTPUT: floating, transformer isolated
OUTPUT LOAD: 600 Ohms or greater
MAX. OUTPUT LEVEL: +24dBm/600 Ohms
MAX. NOISE & HUM @ UNITY GAIN: -85dBm unweighted , fullrange
ATTACK TIME: 20uS to 200mS
RELEASE TIME: 50mS to 5S/20dB
RATIO: 1.3:1 to 20:1
POWER REQUIREMENT: 200-240V (115V USA), 50/60Hz, 20W