16.10.2006 First Tiamat and Nibiru NG samples sold to US

22.09.2006 New 10mm thick GM10 graphite mat added to our product line

The first series of Anu line level current domain preamplifier is in works, dispach is expected in September

Our oversees importer and dealer Audio Advancements LLC is claiming good compatibility of Jan Allaerts MC1 Eco, Boron and MkII cartridges with Nibiru

The first production run of our “full out” Nibiru NG starts selling

From now on we have an exclusive distributor and dealer for USA, Canada and South American countries, see our contacts page

21.06.2006 Released our redesigned graphite mat GM06 and weight GW340

06.06.2006 Our field coil magnetic system for FR drivers is being completed

01.05.2006 A mains version of our successful Nibiru phono stage starts production

15.04.2006 Development of a dedicated power supply for field coil speakers is terminated

22.03.2006 The first Enki DC motor controllers are being dispached

15.10.2005 Very instructive reading by ZYX cartridge designer Hisayoshi Nakatsuka on tech corner.

01.09.2005 Geoff Husband review of Enlil Isolation Transformer was published on TNT.

17.09.2005 TNT published the Nibiru V2.5 Review translated into Italian language.

31.08.2005 Carlo Morsiani chose Nibiru V2.5 R for his main phono preamplifier.

20.08.2005 From now on our reference cartridge is ZYX R-1000 Airy3-X, a fantastic performer regardless of its price.

15.06.2005 Inclusion of some feedback informations on Testimonials page.

03.06.2005 Unfortunately even the high gain Nibiru V2.5 is NOT compatible with Jan Allaerts MC1 Boron cartridge.

07.05.2005 Development of the new battery powered DC motor controller as substantial upgrade for Verdier and similar turntables just reached its final stage.

18.03.2005 From now on we deliver Nibiru V2.5 with 3 different gain options. Low gain, medium or high gain must be decided on order placement.

10.02.2005 Beginning of delivery for the anticipated Enlil Mains Isolation Transformer.

28.01.2005 Zero series of the Tiamat integrated amplifier already around the globe to collect user comments.

05.01.2005 Nibiru phono stage reached version V2.4, with 9dB higher gain needed for higher impedance cartridges (30 – 50 ohm). Updated for a slight overal sound improvement. Added also a signal detector disable switch. Default Nibiru version still available.