2176uln   Dual channel fet peak limiter

Circuit design of 2176uln is loosely based on the famous "black face" Urei 1176, with special attention to best possible noise performance and sound neutrality.
The pinciple of gain reduction and control is identical to the original, but there are some unique features in the design of the ESE 2176uln :

- lower noise achieved with our custom special mains transformer, careful parts selection, layout design, proprietary PSU and overall construction quality
- with link function, both cannels remain tightly coupled (less than 0.5 dB difference for up to 10 dB of gain reduction)
- output stage is true class A, based on Neve 1073
- 2 channels in just 2U of rack space, very sturdy, can survive touring conditions
- temperature stability usualy overlooked, was taken very seriously and measures were taken so there is no GR meter 0dB drift

- transformer balanced inputs and outputs
- class A output stage
- separate power supply for each channel
- link function
- 5 compression ratios including famous "ALL" position
- tightly matched channel fets
- hand wired with Mogami cable
- Beyschlag resistors, Wima MKP coupling caps, ELNA and Os-Con audio grade electrolitics, Lundahl input transformers and proprietary custom output transformers

INPUT: floating, transformer isolated
INPUT IMPEDANCE: 10k balanced and floating
MAX. INPUT LEVEL: +20dBm (ref. 0.775V rms as 0dB)
MAX. GAIN: 45dB, +/- 1dB
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +/-1dB, 10Hz-100.000Hz
OUTPUT: floating balanced, transformer isolated
OUTPUT LOAD: 600 Ohms or greater
MAX. OUTPUT LEVEL: +24dBm/600 Ohms
RESIDUAL NOISE: -81dBm, at treshold of limiting, 30Hz to 15 kHz
ATTACK TIME: less than 20uS for 100% recovery, adjustable to to 800uS
RELEASE TIME: 50mS to 1.1seconds (for 63% recovery)
RATIO: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, All
POWER REQUIREMENT: 200-240V (115V USA), 50/60Hz, 20W